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Lovers' Delight


Love Lube (100mg THC) Fudge (8 pieces, 25mg THC ea.)
1 pre roll (20%+ THC) 2 Moon mints (5mg ea.)




Kiamichi Skies Diamonds are made from our own THCA Isolate through a secondary process that uses only heat to further crystalize and shape the Diamonds.


Dabber's Delight Concentrate Collection


This product is the best and most affordable collection of high-end concentrates in Oklahoma.

With an affordable suggested retail price of $100 or less, the Dabbers Delight is a perfect way to experience the best in pure 100% Organic and 100% Cannabis concentrates.

Dabber’s Delight Concentrate Collection
- .5g Bubble Hash
- .25g Live Rosin
- .25g THCA
- .25g Diamonds
- .5g Dab Pen - Live Rosin
- $70 bundle of wholesale product for $50 (30% discount!)

All products are organically grown from our exclusive seed stock in our own living soil that is hand-mixed onsite. We use only organic fertilizers, free of pesticide and hormones to give you the best final product.

All of our concentrates are made without solvents or other chemicals. We use only mechanical methods and no chemicals or chemical processing are ever used. Please see https://www.kskies.com/copy-of-100-organic for additional information.


Rick Simpson Oil


As the name suggests, a man named Rick Simpson first created Rick Simpson Oil. It the late 90’s Rick was suffering from skin cancer. He had read scientific articles describing how THC was known to kill cancer cells when directly applied to them.

This information prompted him to see if THC would work for his condition. He came up with a recipe and a process for creating a cannabis oil tincture that he could apply to his skin cancers. To his delight he found that the skin cancers started to heal almost immediately. Today his skin cancer is cured and he focuses much of his time getting the word out and helping others benefit from his creation.

Kiamichi Skies RSO follows Rick Simpson’s recipe to the letter. The process starts with high-grade (high THC) cannabis flower and food grade alcohol. In fact we use Everclear or other top quality 190 proof food grade alcohol in our recipe.

To make RSO, we place about one pound of our organic, sun grown cannabis flower in a large pot. We then add about 1.5 gallons of Everclear to the pot and let it soak. Periodically, we stir and separate the cannabis buds to allow the Everclear to dissolve as much plant material and THC as possible. RSO is a “full plant” extract as the alcohol not only dissolves the THC, CBD, and other Cannabanoids, but also dissolves much of the plant matter. Consequently you get all of the natural benefits of the cannabis plant and thereby take advantage of its “entourage effect”.

After soaking for 24 hours or so, the alcohol “tincture” is drained from the remaining cannabis material and filtered to remove visible plant material. We then use a double boiler to evaporate the alcohol until only a thick dark paste remains.

This paste is siphoned into 1ml syringes and packaged for sale. Each syringe contains 65-75% THC and can be applied topically, added to food, or a small amount placed under the tongue.


Bubble Hash (Trichomes)


Kiamichi Skies Bubble Hash in hand made using fresh frozen cannabis buds from our own gardens. All of the material used in 100% organic and Sun Grown in our own living soil.

No solvents are used when making bubble hash, simply pure water and pure ice to mechanically remove the frozen trichomes prior to filtering and freeze drying. Unlike solvent-based concentrates we always use the best flower buds from the plants, never from trim.


Moon Mints


Kiamichi Skies Moon Mints are made from premium commercial ingredients such as Lorann Gum Paste and Lorann flavoring oils. They are infused with on our own 100% organic and 100% cannabis Live Rosin. Live Rosin has a superior taste and is the highest quality concentrate that can be used for edibles. We never use solvent-based extracts such as Distillates since they are widely known to leave a strong aftertaste due to the chemical processing it undergoes.

Moon Mints are provided in three flavors, Peppermint, Cinnamon and Fruit. They are also made in two sizes to facilitate “Micro-Dosing. The Moons are approximately 5MG of THC and the Stars are approximate 2mg of THC.

The Moon Mints are sugar-based and designed be kept in the mouth until they completely dissolve. They should not be chewed as that will lessen the effect. Letting them dissolve in your mouth will ensure that the majority of the THC is absorbed sublingually, which means they are absorbed directly by your tongue and mouth without going through your stomach. This means they are “Rapid-Onset” and you can normally feel an affect in as little as 5 minutes.




Kiamichi Skies THCA Isolate is made from our own handmade Live Rosin through a secondary process which uses only temperature and pressure to separate any liquids (terpenes, volatile oils, etc) from the Live Rosin. The THCA is what is left behind and the liquids (also known as Terp Sauce) are saved to use in our Dab Pen’s, Diamonds and Sauce.


Honey Health


Kiamichi Skies Honey Health is made from 100% organic wild honey. We infuse with our Live Rosin to ensure great taste and powerful effects. Each jar of Honey Health contains 100mg of THC dissolved in 2 ounces of pure honey.


Diamonds & Sauce


Kiamichi Skies Diamonds and Sauce is simply a combination of our handmade Diamonds and handmade Sauce.

$50 for .5g, $100 for 1g

Dab Pen - Live Rosin


Kiamichi Skies Dab Pens are made from our own Live Rosin with same strain Terp Sauce that is created when making THCA Isolate. No Solvents or additives of any kind are used in our Dab Pen’s ensuring that they are 100% Organic and 100% cannabis.

The combination of high THC Live Rosin with added Terp Sauce makes for an amazingly tasty and potent experience. Be careful with these, truly they are one-hit-wonders.


Live Rosin


Kiamichi Skies Live Rosin is made exclusively from our own handmade Bubble Hash. We simply use temperature and hydraulic pressure to squeeze the cannabis oil from the Trichomes.

No Solvents are ever used, ensuring that our Live Rosin is always 100% Cannabis and 100% Organic.




Kiamichi Skies Fudge is handmade using only premium ingredients such as Nestle Chocolate Chips, Borden Unsweetened Condensed Milk and Organic Coconut Oil. It is infused with on our own 100% organic and 100% cannabis Live Rosin. Live Rosin has a superior taste and is the highest quality concentrate that can be used for edibles. We never use solvent-based extracts such as Distillates since they are widely known to leave a strong aftertaste due to the chemical processing it undergoes.

Each piece of fudge contains approximately 20mg of THC. As an oil-based edible, it normally takes from 30-60 minutes for the full effect to be felt.


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