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Why choose all-natural sun grown cannabis?

The short answer:

“Because it’s better. It’s less expensive to buy and it’s organic, so it tastes and smells better. It’s also better for the health of the consumer, and the health of the planet.” Swami Select

Today, most cannabis is grown using 100% artificial lighting, and while several lighting manufacturers have tried, none have been able to duplicate the spectrum and intensity of the sun.

Kiamichi Skies provides the highest quality, competitively priced, lab tested cannabis available, and from the beginning we have grown outdoors in sunshine and used only 100% all-natural methods so that we can bring you the finest sun grown, full spectrum cannabis available in Oklahoma.

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Indoor vs. Outdoor

Currently, many dispensaries have a bias toward indoor cultivated cannabis. There is a perception that indoor grown flower is better because it is “prettier” and the buds are “tighter” than outdoor. Other agriculture products are grown in warehouses in part because they can be made to look better, even though they are not. Think about indoor tomatoes vs. sun grown tomatoes. 


Many people do not realize that most indoor flower is grown in factory-like conditions, tightly spaced in rows and held in place by trellis cages. In addition, most indoor flower is not organic and is grown using chemical pesticides and fertilizers. In fact, many indoor cultivators use so many chemicals that they have to “flush” the plants with excess water before harvest to lower the chemical load enough to pass required testing. Force feeding cannabis plants with chemicals is analogous to an athlete using steroids to improve performance.


Kiamichi Skies believes that cannabis is one of Mother Nature’s greatest innovations. We don’t understand why other growers treat this great gift as something that should be “improved” with chemicals and artificial environments.

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Growing in sunshine can nearly eliminate energy consumption for the cultivation process, which leads to less environmental impact and more efficient growing. Outdoor yields more flower per plant and with less supervision. There is a common misperception that indoor cannabis potency is higher than outdoor cannabis, however, independent testing has shown that potencies are similar.


Since we use only 100% organic pesticides and fertilizers, it also provides many environmental benefits by not using harsh and artificial chemicals.   


Growing naturally minimizes environmental impacts. For example, the production of organic nutrients requires less processing, and less energy to produce, compared to conventional fertilizers. Additionally, conventional fertilizers can leach into local soil fauna destroying soil viability and leading to environmental damage.


Potency and Aroma

Many have experienced increased potency from using natural methods. Cannabis has particular soil needs and requires a specific proportion of minerals and micro-biotic flora to grow to its full potential. Organic nutrients contain necessary trace elements that can provide additional benefits over chemical fertilizers. Accordingly, when natural methods are adhered to, cultivators agree it produces cannabis that is superior in taste, potency and effect compared to chemically grown plants.


All-natural cannabis is considered by many to surpass indoor cannabis in plant health, and flower flavor and aroma. A recent study led by Washington State University found that organic farming produced products that are healthier, tastier, and with better effects than indoor. The all-natural plants contained higher levels of antioxidants, had a longer shelf life, and were more flavorful. They also exhibited fewer instances of fungal infection.


Terpene Profile for Sun Grown

Cultivators use the full spectrum of light produced by the sun to maximize desirable terpene profiles. Terpenes provide cannabis with its aroma and are also responsible for the “Entourage Effect”, which many consumers find significantly improve the medical and recreational effects. Consequently, Sun Grown cannabis is thought to be the ideal way to produce plants that contain the most desirable terpene profiles.


Bottom Line:  

Growing with natural sunlight just makes sense for everyone involved and we know you will taste and feel the difference.

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