Kiamichi Skies Testing Approach

Kiamichi Skies is a 100% organic grower and processor that grows and processes its entire product line using only material grown by us.


We use a “Living Soil” approach for all of our cannabis plants. We create our own living soil using only organic materials and native soils. We use this soil for all indoor and outdoor plants.


We use only Reverse Osmosis water for indoor growing and fresh spring water for our outdoor grow.


We conducted extensive soil and water tests before we began operations.


All of our concentrate and edible products are made from Live Rosin, or a Live Rosin Tincture. All other ingredients used in the products are premium commercial grade ingredients from well know brands such as Nestle, Borden, Jello, Loran, etc.


Our Live Rosin is created using the “bubble hash/ice water” hash approach, which uses only pure RO ice and water to remove the Trichomes from the material. No chemical solvents are ever used. After washing the trichomes are collected and freeze dried to remove all moisture.



Per Oklahoma law we test for full compliance as well as potency.



Testing approach

  1. Select and group plants by variety such as Indica, Sativa, Hybrid or specific strain name

  2. Dry and cure flower or freeze material for processing

  3. Obtain full compliance tests on selected plant variety

  4. All subsequent products including Natural Trichomes, Live Rosin, Live Rosin Vape Pens, Rick Simpson Oil, and all edibles are made using the same starting material.

  5. Additional testing is done to confirm potency of all manufactured products.

We are working on uploading our updated product tests.

They will appear here once the information has been organized.

Thank you for your patience.