Seed Germination Guarantee for Cannabis Growers

Kiamichi Skies buys seeds for resale from one of Europe’s largest seeds distributors and resells them at wholesale prices to growers and dispensaries. In our experience, we routinely germinate more than 95% of the seeds that we start. However, seed resellers generally “say” that growers should expect 80% germination.

Kiamichi Skies Seed Germination Guarantee

We guarantee that 80% of our seeds will germinate (seed will pop and head of plant will rise out of the ground).


⁃ Calculated per order, not per strain

⁃ Guarantee is for germination only

- Grower agrees to follow the Kiamichi Skies Seed Germination Protocol

⁃ Guarantee only covers portion of seeds not germinating below 80%

⁃ Percentage germinated is calculated on total order, not single strain

⁃ Example - customer buys 10 GSA and 10 NLA. 

⁃ Divide number of seeds germinated by number of seeds purchased to calculate percent germinated 

⁃ If all 10 GSA and 7 NLA germinate then - 17 / 20 = 85% - no free seeds

⁃ If only 8 GSA and 7 NLA germinate then - 15 / 20 = 75% - 1 free seed is given to achieve 80%


⁃ If only 2 GSA and 7 NLA germinate then - 9 / 20 = 45% - 7 free seeds given to achieve 80%


⁃Email copy of invoice and dated photos of seeds trays showing germinated and failed seeds to

⁃Only one claim per order is allowed

-Valid for 60 days from the day the seeds are shipped

⁃Free seeds given under this guarantee are not guaranteed 

⁃When possible we will provide free seeds of the same strain

⁃Free seeds are mailed to customer