Widow is the famous and legendary White Widow, a strain that crashed the scene in the early 1990s and is yet to leave the party. Widow grows with an indica structure but the lateral branches develop into almost the size of the central stem. It therefore has the appearance of a conifer with the fat buds forming into a contiguous long bud with a length of 30cm - 50cm.


Widow has a smooth flavour with notes of wine, sweet and with some woody notes. Under powerful lights indoors the yield can become quite large. Although it can also thrive outdoorsgreat care must be taken as it nears maturity as the buds can be susceptible to botrytis (grey rot) due to their structure and consistency. Flowering is 8 weeks indoors, outdoors harvest is mid to late September.


VARIETY: Indica / Sativa


SEX: Feminised

GROWS: Indoors, Outdoors


HARVEST MONTH: Mid-September


EFFECT: Long-lasting, Powerful


White Widow

    • 18 hours of light per day

    • Water when pot feels light or leaves droop; don't overwater

    • Keep at a comfortable temperature; if you feel good so does your plant

    • Transplant to a larger pot when the plant is bigger than the provided pot

    • Reduce light to 12 hours/day for bud formation

    • Plant will double in size after light reduction

    • Harvest and cure after buds have a fall like colora