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This is 25 RIP Sticks in a professionally packaged Point of Sale box which holds the pre rolls in a vertical orientation. 


The varieties include:

RIP Stick Single POS Pack - available in GaC-Nana and Wilson Zero strains.

RIP Stick with Diamonds POS Pack - available in Love Affair strain only

RIP Stick Hash Bomb POS Pack - available in Gac-Nana strain only

RIP Stick Hash Bomb with THCA POS Pack - available in Dead Hot Strawberries strain only.

RIP Stick - 25 unit Point of Sale kit

$125.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
  • Dispensaries can order our products on including Kiamichi Skies, HashWizards and 5-Seeds branded products or by calling 9187192500.

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