As the name suggests, a man named Rick Simpson first created Rick Simpson Oil. It the late 90’s Rick was suffering from skin cancer. He had read scientific articles describing how THC was known to kill cancer cells when directly applied to them.


This information prompted him to see if THC would work for his condition. He came up with a recipe and a process for creating a cannabis oil tincture that he could apply to his skin cancers. To his delight he found that the skin cancers started to heal almost immediately. Today his skin cancer is cured and he focuses much of his time getting the word out and helping others benefit from his creation.


Kiamichi Skies RSO follows Rick Simpson’s recipe to the letter. The process starts with high-grade (high THC) cannabis flower and food grade alcohol. In fact we use Everclear or other top quality 190 proof food grade alcohol in our recipe.


 To make RSO, we place about one pound of our organic, sun grown cannabis flower in a large pot. We then add about 1.5 gallons of Everclear to the pot and let it soak. Periodically, we stir and separate the cannabis buds to allow the Everclear to dissolve as much plant material and THC as possible. RSO is a “full plant” extract as the alcohol not only dissolves the THC, CBD, and other Cannabanoids, but also dissolves much of the plant matter. Consequently you get all of the natural benefits of the cannabis plant and thereby take advantage of its “entourage effect”.


After soaking for 24 hours or so, the alcohol “tincture” is drained from the remaining cannabis material and filtered to remove visible plant material. We then use a double boiler to evaporate the alcohol until only a thick dark paste remains.


This paste is siphoned into 1ml syringes and packaged for sale. Each syringe contains 65-75% THC and can be applied topically, added to food, or a small amount placed under the tongue.

Rick Simpson Oil

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