.5g Live Rosin 70-90% THC


Also known as Non-Solvent or “Solventless” Hash Oil, Live Rosin is the result of carefully squeezing trichomes in a specially designed hydraulic press that also heats them while applying varying pressure. Basically the contents of the trichomes are heated and squeezed out through a series of micro-sized holes that remove all solid particles (any left over plant matter, trichome stalks or other none liquid material.)


Live Rosin is 100% natural cannabinoids and terpines. No industrial solvents like butane, propane, ethanol or carbon dioxide are used in the process so none can be retained for human consumption.


Our Live Rosin is famous for its aroma, consistency, taste and extraordinary medical effects. The difference in taste and feel is immediately obvious from any other concentrate or extract product. Several of our batches of Live Rosin have tested at 88-94% THC.


Kiamichi Skies was awarded a 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup for our Live Rosin on August 26, exactly one year after we submitted our Oklahoma medical marijuana business license application.

Premium Live Rosin

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