Auto Great White has good potency with a long-lasting effect and it also has relatively high levels of CBD making it a very useful medicinal strain. These seeds grow from germination to maturity in just 10 short weeks and it is a very worthwhile auto strain for any garden.


SEX    Feminised
THC CONTENT    Unknown
GROWS    Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
HARVEST MONTH    2.5 Months from Seed
MEDICINAL PROPERTIES    Easy to manage auto-flowering strain with good potency. Likely to be high in CBD.

Great White Autoflower

    • 18 hours of light per day

    • Water when pot feels light or leaves droop; don't overwater

    • Keep at a comfortable temperature; if you feel good so does your plant

    • Transplant to a larger pot when the plant is bigger than the provided pot

    • Reduce light to 12 hours/day for bud formation

    • Plant will double in size after light reduction

    • Harvest and cure after buds have a fall like colora