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Dabber’s Delight Concentrate Collection

- .5g Bubble Hash

- .5g Live Rosin

- .25g THCA

- .25g Diamonds

- .5g Dab Pen – Live Rosin


Also includes the "Wizards Magic Dab Tool" kit consisting of a magic themed gold dab tool, a magic crystal and a magic bean (feminized cannabis seed).


$70 bundle of wholesale product for $50


All products are naturally sun-grown from our exclusive seed stock in our own living soil that is hand-mixed onsite. We use only organic fertilizers, free of pesticide and hormones to give you the best final product.


All of our concentrates are made without solvents or other chemicals. We use only mechanical methods and no chemicals or chemical processing are ever used. Please see additional information.

Dabber's Delight

$70.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
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