Bubble hash is the name given to a technique for concentrating the active ingredients of cannabis and removing excess plant matter. The Bubble Hash process starts with Fresh Frozen Cannabis buds. Top Shelf buds are harvested while the plant is still living or very quickly after harvest. Our goal is for the fresh buds to be in the freezer within 30 minutes of harvest. Freezing a cannabis bud is analogous to freezing vegetables to preserve them. Freezing preserves all of the natural terpines and essential oils, unlike drying/curing that causes many of the more volatile liquids to evaporate.


The next step in making bubble hash is to place the frozen cannabis buds in a specially designed “washing” machine with an equal amount of ice and ice water. The washing machine agitates the frozen cannabis against the ice and thereby breaks the frozen trichomes off of the plants. The trichomes are then collected from the water through a series of micron-sized screens that filter out everything except the trichomes.  Once collected they are freeze dried through a commercial Freeze Dryer to remove all moisture quickly.


Trichomes are the name given to the silvery crystals that are visible on the surface of quality cannabis flowers. The plant grows them as a pest defense as well as a way to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects. If you have ever handled a fresh cannabis bud you know how sticky your fingers can get from touching the Trichomes. They are full of cannabis oil, various cannabinoids and terpines which are liquid at room temperature. They easily burst and spill their contents when handled.


Trichomes can be enjoyed by adding them to a joint, smoking them in a pipe or even cooking with them.

Bubble Hash/Trichomes

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