Kiamichi Skies is very pleased to announce that we recently joined Leaflink’s new Logistics and Financing Programs

LeafLink Logistics has partnered with local operators to provide secure transport services within 2 two business days anywhere in the state of Oklahoma (measured from the time of pickup, not the time order was placed). 

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Leaflink Financial is a new service that enables participating Dispensaries and Cultivators to receive Free Net 15 or Net 30 financing for products they buy from Kiamichi Skies and other brands.

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Both of these services are free to the Dispensary/Cultivator and all associated costs are paid for by Kiamichi Skies. In order to receive these free services, dispensaries and cultivators must agree to become a Kiamichi Skies Premier Partner.


Kiamichi Skies Premier Partner requirements include

  1. Each order under this program must be for $500 or more of Kiamichi Skies products.

  2. Orders must be placed through the Leaflink Marketplace or directly with Kiamichi Skies

  3. Dispensary Partners can choose any combination of Kiamichi Skies products that add up to $500 or more per order.

  4. New Dispensary Partners are encouraged to purchase our new Preferred Dispensary Starter Kit, which sells for $500 but includes $600 worth of Kiamichi Skies products plus additional point of sale, marketing material and swag. 

  5. Partners wishing to participate in Leaflink Financing are required to apply through Leaflink Financial for credit approval.


Kiamichi Skies Premier Partners Benefits Include:

  1. LeafLink Logistics has partnered with local operators to provide secure transport services with free 24-business-hour delivery anywhere in the state of Oklahoma (measured from the time of pickup, not the time order was placed)

  2. Net Terms for purchases of Kiamichi Skies products (and other participating brands)

  3. Product Exchange privileges – Dispensary Partners can exchange any Kiamichi Skies product for a different product (products to be exchanged must have been on the dispensary shelf for at least 30 days prior)

  4. Patient Product Return – Kiamichi Skies supports our Dispensary Partners patient return policies. We will replace, free of charge, any product returned by a patient as long as the return follows the dispensaries normal return policies and has been approved by a dispensary manager. Returned products must be forwarded to Kiamichi Skies for analysis to ensure that any reported issues are corrected.

  5. Seed Germination Guarantee – Kiamichi Skies guarantees that seeds purchased by our Partners will germinate at least 80% of the seeds (requires customers to follow our Germination Protocol, copy available on request and included with all seeds packs). Free seeds will be provided only in cases where less than 80% of the total seeds purchased germinate. Where possible the same strain will be provided as a replacement, otherwise Kiamichi Skies will select the seeds provided from its current stock.

  6. Customer Referral Program – patient leads generated through social media, Leafly and OKChronic Magazine ads are referred to our partners by geographic territory

  7. Instagram and Facebook cross promotion – Kiamichi Skies will “Follow” all of our Partners Instagram and Facebook pages and will “Like” or link to Partner postings that refer to Kiamichi Skies products.

  8. Free Swag including 1 Kiamichi Skies T-Shirt (per $500 order), a Point-of-Sale Display, stickers and copies of reviews and other useful marketing material.


Preferred Dispensary Starter Kit (PDSK)

This bundle contains $600 of wholesale products for only $500! The 2.0 PDSK is now available for sale to dispensaries. This bundle does not only include all of our most popular products, but also 24 free delivery! Product Contents Include:

x2 Dab Pens- .5g

x2 Dab Cartridges- 1g

x1 RSO- 1g

x1 Bubble Hash

x1 Live Rosin- .5g

x2 Live Rosin- 1g

x1 THCA Isolate- .5g

x1 Diamonds- .5g

x1 Diamonds & Sauce- 1g

x2 Mac Packs- 10prerolls

x2 Premium Fudge- 200mg

x2 Mints (peppermint & cinnamon)- 100mg 

x1 Love Lube- 100mg, x1 Honey Health

x1 Skin Deep Salve- 100mg

x1 Face & Hand Lotion- 100mg

x1 Rapid Releaf Roll-On- 100mg

x1 Feminized Seed Pack- 5 seeds

x1 Feminized Autoflower Seed Pack- 5 seeds



x2 Kiamichi Skies Point of Sales Display Stand, Kiamichi Skies Stickers, 1 Kiamichi Skies T-Shirt, Dab Pen Magazine Review, 100% Organic flyer, and a 100% Cannabis flyer

How to start using LeafLink Financial:


  1. Review and sign 
payment agreement

  2. Provide required documents for credit check

  3. Receive approved credit limit

  4. Get net terms on all LeafLink Financial purchases

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