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Kiamichi Skies Germination Protocol

1. Soak in the Rapid Rooters overnight compost tea to inoculate the seeds with beneficial fungus and bacteria. We use a product called Bu’s Brew.

2. Water PH should be from 5.5 to 6.5.

3. Place the seed about half way to the bottom of the rapid rooter. Touch the seeds as little as possible.

4. Add a small amount of House & Garden HGRXL001 Root Excelurator to your first watering (1/2 dropper per 4 gallons).

5. Provide 18 hours of light. LED light is best for germination. We use Sunblaze 8 bulb T-5’s with 4 bulbs on.

6. Maintain temperature of 71.6 F to 77 F with humidity at 70% and 90% 

7. Environment should be damp but not wet.

8. For first transplant we use a 4” cup with drainage holes in the bottom. We also use 100% Fox Farm Ocean and Forest potting soil for the 1st transplant, then switch to our custom soil mix when we transplant to a larger bag or outdoors.

9. Add a small amount of Fox Farm Grow Big to the next watering and again when transplanting.


10. Before transplanting seedling roots should be visible at the bottom of the rapid rooter or pot.

11. Don’t overwater. Pot should feel light when lifted and plant should look thirsty. The roots need oxygen and being too wet prevents them from getting enough.

12. Increase the strength of the lights when the seedling has 5-6 good-sized leaves.

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