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  • Are you an indoor/outdoor/greenhouse grower? What is your price range?
    Indoor and outdoor $4-7 per gram
  • What soil medium do you use? Coco/Soil/Rockwool/Other?
    Proprietary Living Soil handmade on the farm
  • Are you organic or do you use salt-based nutrients? Do you mix your own nutrients?
    100% organic, no salt or chemical based nutrients or pesticides ever We mix our living soil proprietary blend using only organic nutrients as well as horse manure and garden soil.
  • Do you start from seed or clone? Where are your genetics from? How many strains do you run? What is your harvest schedule?
    We start from seeds and use mostly seeds indoors and outdoors. We use clones to supplement seeds when starting with Regular seeds (not feminized). Our genetics are from a number of famous breeders including Capulator (Miracle Alien Cookies crosses), Brothers Grimm, ONI Seed Co., Humboldt Seeds, Emerald Family Farm, Holy Smoke Seed, Barney’s Farm, Monster Genetics, ACE Seeds, Blimburn and others. We run 10-15 strains per year. We harvest indoors in January and March, outdoors in September/October.
  • How do you combat mold and powdery mildew?
    Careful control of humidity and temperature combined with daily plant/bud inspection and immediate destruction of any plant suspected. We also choose mold resistant strains when possible. Selective covering of outdoor plants and manual branch movement to loosen rainwater.
  • Describe Pest Management Practices
    We use only organic pest treatments and follow an IPM (integrated pest management) approach in collaboration with Aribco Organics. During the 2019 season we used ladybugs, spider mite destroyers, assassin bugs, preying mantises and other species. We also use BT for caterpillars and pyrethrin based organic sprays if needed.
  • Where is your testing done? Have you every tested for pesticides? Do you test for Terpenes?
    We use several different tests labs. Most commonly Green Country Testing in Tulsa and FAST Labs in Oklahoma City. All of our products have full Oklahoma Compliance tests include potency, terpenes, pesticides, mold/mildew, and debris. Current copies of our tests can be found at
  • What sets your farm apart from the rest? What type of relationship would you like to build? What stores are you in?
    We won a High Times Cannabis Cup for Non Solvent Hash in August. We are located in SE Oklahoma in the foothills of the Kiamichi Mountains. Our farm is in a very lightly populated rural area dominated by large trees, sunshine, fresh water and numerous wildlife. We grow in cooperation with nature using only pure, natural, organic soil and water, organic nutrients and pesticides. Everything is hand grown, hand watered, hand harvested and trimmed. We are looking for a dispensary partner that will carry our branded product line including our Live Rosen based products. We are in approximately 100 dispensaries in Oklahoma, most of them concentrated in the southern half of the state (due to our proximity). We recently expanded to Oklahoma City where we count The Peak, Party Moore, and about a dozen other dispensaries. Please see for a list of some of them.
  • What price point does your product move at?
    $4-$7 per gram depending on flower quality. We also offer a line of Live Rosin based Oils and Edibles that range from $15-$30 wholesale per package.
Flower Q & A
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