Cannabis Care

Cannabis Care

Kiamichi Skies provides already pre-cut and planted seedlings—all you have to do is maintain the plant until it reaches majority. All our seedlings are pesticide free and guaranteed pest/disease free, but to ensure you are successful with your yield here are some helpful tips and facts to keep in mind when providing your plants with the proper habitat to insure healthy, beautiful flowers later in life.

Quick Tips 
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18 hours of light per day

Water when pot feels light or leaves droop; don't overwater

Keep at a comfortable temperature; if you feel good so does your plant

Transplant to a larger pot when the plant is bigger than the provided vessel

Reduce light to 12 hours/day for bud formation

Plant will double in size after light reduction

Harvest and cure after buds have a fall like coloration 

The life cycle of a seedling can be neatly separated into two categories: the vegetative and flowering states.


The vegetative state denotes the point in a seedling's life where the majority of its energy goes almost exclusively towards the creation of root growth and the production of foliage. Plants at this stage require almost eighteen hours of constant light every day, in fact most nurseries will keep young, vegetative seedlings under 24 hour lighting at all times. Maintaining constant light for a seedling is necessary as a plant exposed to too much darkness will throw themselves into something called pre-flowering, where they become stressed and split into hermaphrodites. Heat damage is a real danger during this time—keep an eye out for signs of heat damage, such as a significant drooping or curling of the leaves inwards.


The flowering stage provides plants with more independence from their caretaker. Mature seedlings only require an average of twelve hours of sunlight at this stage in their development. The directions for caring for this plant are relatively simple—keep them well watered (watching for signs of over watering or mold in the soil) and watch for signs of heat damage, but otherwise the most important thing at this point is to build a routine with your plants. Once you begin to switch a plant's light cycle from near constant light to a 12/12 split, it is important that you do not revert back. Going between different levels of light without reason may force your flowers back into their vegetative state.


To care for your seedlings, you must have the infrastructure in place. It should have a ventilation system, reliable lighting, and enough room for both your plants as well as other necessities. During the vegetative stage, you will have to watch your ventilation system closely. Too much air will contribute to your seedling drying out, whereas too little airflow will cause the air to go stagnant attracting pests and bacteria to your plants.

Even when buying from a trusted supplier, it is wise to keep all new purchases quarantined from the rest of your stock. Check for signs of disease, strange residue, or pests on the plant. Check under the plant’s leaves and in the soil for any indications of bugs or fungus. Transplanting your new seedlings into more permanent containers shortly after purchasing will allow you the chance to further inspect your plant and prevent your plant from becoming root bound in the provided pot.

Seedling Exchange Policy

All Kiamichi Skies seeds and seedlings come with a built in warranty and we will happily replace dead or otherwise faulty seedlings provided you follow these instructions:

All replacement requests must be made within 30 days to be valid

Customers must provide photos or videos of defective seedlings prior to transport

Customers must return the defective seedlings at the time of delivery or pay for the new plants

Any feedback or questions regarding our return policy are welcome.

Thank you!