Autoflower Care

Autoflower Care

Surprise! Kiamichi Skies now officially offers autoflower seeds!


They’re smaller, more compact choices with comparatively large yields for their size, and have been proven to be more adaptable to subpar growing conditions than photoperiod strains. And if that wasn't enough, they're ready for harvest approximately 90-100 days after germination!


Autoflowers are a cross between the Ruderalis variety of cannabis and other popular indica or sativa strains. Here is a link to a Leafly page that explains autoflowers and the origin of the Ruderalis variety.


Quick Tips 
(See Below for More Detail)

  • 68°F—77°F is the optimal temperature for autoflowers to flourish, if you feel comfortable then so do they

  • Water whenever the pot feels light or the leaves begin to droop; be sure to not overwater your plant

  • 12/12 lighting schedule is suggested, but you can also put autoflowers under longer or shorter light cycles

  • Ideal humidity for flowering autoflower strains is between 30% to 50%

  • Ventilate with a small fan.

  • Harvest and cure after roughly 10% of the trichomes begin to take on an amber coloring and the leaves develop a “fall” coloring


We cultivate our autoflowers in-house until they start flowering, usually about 4-6 weeks. We also use Low Stress Training (LST) to spread the branches and allow more light to reach lower buds and leaves for optimal yield. When you take it home the flowers (buds) should be ready for harvest in another 4-6 weeks. Autoflowers normally produce 1-3 ounces of dried/cured high potency flower.


Autoflowers grow well indoors and outdoors and make an excellent potted plant as long as they receive adequate light, water, and air. On warmer days you put them on a outdoor patio or garden fence for a few hours a day, just don’t let them overheat or dry out. Autoflowers are a great choice for outdoor growers since you can harvest twice per year in Oklahoma by planting once in April and again in July.


Autoflowers don’t need added nutrients like most other strains due to their small size and short life cycle.


To take proper care of your autoflowers, we recommend that they have good ventilation (a small fan will do), and reliable lighting. Even though autoflowers are bred to be independent and to survive without much coddling, they still require watering, care, and supervision.